Virtual Tour Lascaux Cave Paintings


Word of the Day :  Lascaux Cave

nicknamed the Prehistoric Sistine Chapel. Caves are located in southern Frace.  Cave contains more than 6,000 paintings and 1,500 engravings that are carved into the walls of the cave.  Most popular drawing is the horse, followed by the bison.

Watch the youtube video Lascaux’s Prehistoric Cavepaintings. Then go the Lascaux website below and take the virtual tour.

Class Starter Number 1-5 answer the questions below.

Go to the Lascaux cave site here.

Click on “Visite la Grotte,” then “explorer” and watch the video.

Using the website images and your deductive reasoning answer the following questions.

  1. List at least five images that you see in the caves?    
  2. What kinds of technology did early humans need to create these paintings?
  3. From these images, what can you tell about daily life of cave man?
  4. What similarities do you see between animals in the cave art and those today?
  5. What can you and archaeologists tell about early man from these artifacts?

Virtual tour

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