WOD Archaeology/Indiana Jones video clip



“Archaeology is the search for fact, not truth.” Indiana Jones

(video Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology)

Word(s) of the Day  Archaeology, anthropology, artifacts

Directions:  Copy the WOD and the bell ringer question.

archaeology:  the study of past societies by studying what people left behind.  Archaeologists excavate (dig up) and examine artifacts.

anthropology: the study of human life and culture. Culture includes what people wear, how they organize their society, and what they value.

artifacts:  any man-made object like tools, weapons, pottery, and jewelry

arachaeology dig

Class Starter: 

“Unwritten records can give man considerable information about the past”  EXPLAIN. Do you agree or disagree with the statement.

Today’s Agenda

  1. Word of the Day & Class Starter
  2. Jane Goodall video Jane Goodall Among the Wild Chimpanzees
  3. Play Quizlet Lie
  4. Ch. 1 vocab test tomorrow.
Written in Cuneiform

Written in Cuneiform

hammurabi2 hammurabi3

Read the handout the Code of Hammurabi.  Answer the following questions, then identify the verse that gave you the information.

Example “Mesopotamian society had both kings and slaves.”

Answer: YES, Mesopotamian society had both kings and slaves. Passage 16 mentions slave while Passage 129 refers to both kings and slaves.

1.  Women and men were treated equally under the law of King Hammurabi.

2.  In ancient Mesopotamia a woman could own a business.

3.  A husband could legally divorce his wife under the Code of Hammurabi.

4. People of different classes were treated equally under the law of Hammurabi.

5.  Hammurabi appears to have been a religious man.

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