Famous People of the Middle Ages Charlemagne/William the Conqueror Webquest

Class Starter Famous People of the Middle Ages- Charlemagne & William the Conqueror


Watch the video in class

Video Vocabulary

  1. Pope-God’s “mouthpiece” here on earth
  2. Papacy-refers to the office of the Pope
  3. Holy Roman Emperor-the title that was given to the ruler of a loose group of places in what is now called Germany
  4. Charlemagne-King of the Franks;  founder of the first empire in western Europe after the fall of Rome
  5. divine rights of kings-the idea that the right of a king to rule comes from God
  6. Carolingian Renaissance-during Charlemagne’s rule a period of renewed interest in learning and education

Video Questions

1. What does “Charlemagne’ mean?

2.  Who was Charlemagne?

3. What is divine rights of kings?  Which verse/book of the Bible did kings and Popes use to justify the idea?

4. According to divine rights of Kings who does the king answer to? Do people have the right to rebel against the king?  Why or why not?

Read the article at the website http://medievaleurope.mrdonn.org/charlemagne.html

5.  What are 5 of his achievements?

Read about Charlemagne. http://www.mrdowling.com/703-charlemagne.html

charlemagne crowned

6.  What was Charlemagne’s main goal?

7.  Why was Charlemagne disturbed about being crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope?

William the Conqueror     


Read the article about William the Conqueror. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/william_the_conqueror.htm

8.  When did William of Normandy (aka William the Conqueror) invade England?

9. What was the name of the Battle at which William defeated Harold II thus becoming William I King of England?

10. What is the Bayeux Tapestry?  How big is it? What kinds of scenes are depicted on it?

11.  Click on Domesday Book.  What kind of questions were people asked for the Domesday Book?

12. What were the circumstances of William the Conqueror’s death?


Bayeux Tapestry Animated Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_559561&feature=iv&src_vid=bDaB-NNyM8o&v=LtGoBZ4D4_E


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