Causes of WWI MANIA

Causes of WWI M-A-N-I-A

Causes of WWI

Essential Questions

  1. What were the main causes of WWI?
  2. Which part of MANIA do you feel had the most impact on WWI?
Vocabulary Words
Militarism Building up armed forces, getting ready for war.
Alliances Agreements or promises to defend and help another country
Imperialism Trying to build up an Empire by bring other countries
Nationalism Having pride in your country, willing to defend it.

Hint: Causes of World War I – Remember M.A.I.N.

WWI alliance system


nationalism- sometimes extreme love, devotion, patriotism for your country began with French Revolution
Gavrilo Princip-19 year Serbian nationalist
Black Hand- a terrorist group that wanted freedom for Serbs in territory that Austria Hungary controlled
Archduke Franz Ferdinand-heir to the Austrian throne; his assassination is the short term cause for WWI
Western Front– fighting in WWI took place along the border of France & Germany.

Allied Powers vs. Central Powers-two main alliances during WWI

Map of Europe in 1914

Source Jr Scholastic magazine March 17th, 2014

MANIA Foldable Directions

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