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Kristallnacht Photo Analysis

1.  This photo was taken in Berlin, Germany on November 10, 1938. What do you think happened here? 2.  What is the men’s demeanor? Where might they be going?  How can you tell? 3.  What is the symbol half-secured by … Continue reading

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Teaching with Documents Cold War Atomic Fallout

World History Exam Review 1945 US President Harry S. Truman makes the decision to drop the atom bomb on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Trinity Test & Bikini Island-early tests by the US; Trinity Test- 1st test of atomic … Continue reading

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Cold War “Atomic Cafe”

Atomic Café is a piece of film history.  The film made in 1982 (late in the Cold War) mixes newsreel footage, military training films, advertisements, popular music and other primary sources to show the depth of American Cold War paranoia and … Continue reading

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Egypt (National Geographic video)

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Greek Gods & Goddesses Chart


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St. Peter’s Basilica

  St. Peter’s Basilica (History Channel)

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