The Middle Ages in 3 1/2 Minutes Video (Time-line)

At this learning station watch the video The Middle Ages in 3 1/2 Minutes. Together answer the following questions.

1. Put following events in the correct chronological order (earliest to more recent)

Invention of the printing press
The Crusades
Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
The 1st universities in Europe.
The Renaissance begins.
The Black Death
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Fall of the Roman Empire
Beginnings of Islam

2. What was the Silk Road?

3. Identify inventions of the Middle Ages.

4. What were important developments/events covered in the video? (I don’t expect you to list all of them. Just the ones that stand out in your mind.)

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I teach World History, Civics, AP Psychology, and AP Government at West Bladen High School.
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