3-2-1 Questions Exploration/ Causes & Effects


3- List 3 motives for European exploration
2- Identify 2 famous explorers and their achievements.
1- Discuss 1 effect of exploration and expansion in the New World.

Quick Overview.

ottoman turks
In 1453 the Turks defeated the Byzantine Empire, cutting the land link between Europe and Asia. if spices were to reach Europe, a sea route to Asia had to be found. Portugal took a leading role during most of the 1400’s in searching for a route to Asia by sailing south around AFrica. Prince Henry the Navigator set up a school for sailors and encouraged the exploration of the African coast. In 1486, Bartholomeu Dias and his sailors became the first to reach the southern tip of Africa. 10 years later, Dias helped another Portuguese sailor, Vasco da Gama, plan a voyage around Africa to India.

columbian exchange

Spain’s explorations were driven by the desire to expand its knowledge of the world, to discover spices & gold, and to expand Christianity. In 1492, when Christopher Columbus (sailing for Spain0 took a westerly route across the Atlantic Ocean searching for an alternate route to the Indies and Asia, he accidently discovered a new continent. Maps of the day showed only 3 continents.

For effects you may want to write about Columbian Exchange, Triangular trade,
columbian exchange cause effect

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