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Word of the Day Copy 1-4 Mesopotamia-Located in what is today Iraq & Syria; earliest human civilization began here. ziggurat-center of city life; these were massive structures built by the Sumerians; at the top was a temple polytheism-belief in many … Continue reading

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Stand and Deliver

Class Starter:  Directions Copy and respond to the questions. 1.  Why is a positive attitude important to your success in school and in life? 2.  Describe a time or situation when your attitude made a played an important role. Words … Continue reading

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1960’s Cold War

Korean War  (1950’s) After WWII Allies decided to divide Korea up= Soviets occupied the northern zone above the 38th parallel, and Americans occupied the southern part.  What results is that the north=Communists and the south=pro-American (democracy).  IN 1948 and 1949 … Continue reading

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