1960’s Cold War

Korean War  (1950’s) After WWII Allies decided to divide Korea up= Soviets occupied the northern zone above the 38th parallel, and Americans occupied the southern part.  What results is that the north=Communists and the south=pro-American (democracy).  IN 1948 and 1949 occupying forces withdraw from both zones.  In June 1950 the Korean War broke out when North Koreans troops crossed the 38th parallel with hopes to forcefully reunite Korea.

domino theory= this is the belief that if one country fell to the Communists its neighbors would soon follow.  (like Dominos).

Sputnik-beginnng of the Spage age or Space Race.

Brinkmanship A policy; meant the US was willing to risk going to war to protect its interests.  Ex. 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  

What happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis? How does this reflect brinkmanship?

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