mesopotamia 2

Word of the Day Copy 1-4

Mesopotamia-Located in what is today Iraq & Syria; earliest human civilization began here.

ziggurat-center of city life; these were massive structures built by the Sumerians; at the top was a temple

polytheism-belief in many gods

cuneiform– a wedge shape system of writing invented by the Sumerians







Class Starter  Copy the following questions.

  1. What does Mesopotamia mean?
  2. Name the 2 rivers that Mesopotamia is located between?
  3. Identify 4 Sumerian innovations (inventions)?
  4. Describe a ziggurat?
  5. Did slavery exist in Ancient Mesopotamia?
  6. Who held the highest position after the King?
  7. Discuss their religion.
  8. What was the job of a scribe?
  9. What kind of taxes did people pay?

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