Ancient Egypt K-W-L Chart

Class Starter. Create a K-W-L chart on Ancient Egypt. On notebook paper draw a chart with 3 columns.

Label them the following way.

egypt kwl1

If you are doing this in your Penzu Journal label 

K- (What I Know)


W- (What I Want To Know)


L- (What I Learned) The last 5 minutes of class write about what you learned in class today.

egypt kwlToday’s Agenda

  1. Class Starter K-W-L Chart
  2. Walk Like An Egyptian Worksheet
  3. Ancient Egypt Map Worksheet
  4. Webquest Skip Mission 1 Daily Life DO MISSIONS 2-6. Take notes on notebook paper.
  5. CNN Student News (last 10 minutes)

Ancient Egypt Webquest


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I teach World History, Civics, AP Psychology, and AP Government at West Bladen High School.
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