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How did Auschwitz Develop?

1941 Part 1 video (4 min) http://ww2history.com/videos/Holocaust/Development_of_Auschwitz_2 1941-1942 Part 2 video (4:04 min) http://ww2history.com/videos/Holocaust/Development_of_Auschwitz_3 1943 Part 3 video (3:33 min) http://ww2history.com/videos/Holocaust/Development_of_Auschwitz_4 1944 Part 4 video http://ww2history.com/videos/Holocaust/Development_of_Auschwitz_5 1945 Part 5 Liberation of Auschwitz http://ww2history.com/videos/Holocaust/Liberation_of_Auschwitz

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Interactive Map of Auschwitz

Read article on Auschwitz   This interactive map explores the evolution of Auschwitz, the scene of one of the worst crimes in human history. This was where more than a million men, women and children, most of them Jews, were … Continue reading

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Class Starter A Survivor’s Account of the Holocaust

Class Starter Assignment Define the word genocide.  According to Ms. Silbiger, how did the genocide of the Holocaust differ from more recent acts of genocide in Rwanda, Darfur, and Kosovo? Locate Auschwitz (Oswiecim, Poland) on a map. Description Lilli Silbiger recounts … Continue reading

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